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The Union-Pearson Express, A Photo Tour by Vik Pahwa

Text by James Bow

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Railfans descended upon Metrolinx’s Union-Pearson Express train when it opened on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Some vied to ride on the very first train. Others snapped pictures at their leisure through the rest of the week. We at Transit Toronto took a number of pictures ourselves, and received many submissions of UPX trains in operation, which we posted to the Union Pearson Express history page.

But the images taken by Toronto photographer Vik Pahwa stood out. He captured some fantastic shots of the structure of the line during its first week of operation that we had to share with you. His shots are below.

We would like to thank Vik for granting permission for Transit Toronto to post these photographs. The original versions are posted here.

Union Pearson Express by Vik Pahwa Image Archive

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