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Humber College Bus Terminal

Text by James Bow

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Humber College was established in 1967 to establish a school to educate more students in the skilled trades. The institution set up its first campus (today known as the North Campus) on formerly rural land southwest of Highway 27 and Finch Avenue West. Located far from the city, it was a challenge to serve by public transit. However, as development increased, and Humber College’s student population grew, bus soon arrived on campus.

The first bus route to serve Humber College was 96 WILSON, which extended regular service from Martin Grove to Humber College on September 5, 1971, connecting the college to Yonge Street and Glen Echo loop, a short trip away from the YONGE SUBWAY at Eglinton. The next bus that followed was 36 FINCH WEST, which established a rush hour branch on October 17, 1977. These TTC services grew and developed, primarily connecting the college to points north and east, until June 24, 1991, with the launch of the 191 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS, providing a faster connection between Humber College and the BLOOR-DANFORTH SUBWAY at Kipling.

But Humber College had established as a strong, local college, and its catchment area extended beyond Toronto’s borders. It wasn’t long before Mississauga Transit extended a route. Brampton Transit followed.

Today, Humber College’s North Campus is home to over 19,000 full time students, including 1,000 students living in residence. The college boasts of its public transit connections, noting that 85% of its students take public transit. The Toronto Transit Commission, MiWay, Brampton Transit and York Region Transit all offer service to the college’s north campus, with the TTC, MiWay and Brampton Transit all offering a number of express or “Rocket” services. In total between 1,200 to 1,3000 transit buses pass through Humber College’s North Campus every day.

With so many bus routes converging on the campus and serving on-street stops, Humber College commissioned the construction of a new bus loop and terminal. Located at the east end of the Learning Resource Commons building, the loop offers ten bus bays, and space for layovers. Passengers have sheltered waiting areas and digital displays showing when the next buses will arrive. Humber College further encouraged transit use by commissioning a smartphone app to provide the same data and arrival time. The loop opened to the public on September 1, 2015.

Routes serving Humber College North Campus, As of March 28, 2016

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