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A History of Durham College/UOIT Bus Loop

Text by Damian Baranowski

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General Information

  • Opened: 1967
  • Connections: Durham Regional Transit, GO Transit
  • Shelters: 1
  • Parking: Yes
  • Ticket Agent: TVM in GO Shelter, while other tickets can be purchased at Tuck Shop.
  • Washroom: Yes (inside campus)


Opening just in time for Canada’s centennial, Durham College has been guiding young adults into their careers since 1967. Rapidly growing ever since, with campus in Whitby in 1993 and the addition of UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) in 2002 (though classes didn’t start till 2003), both Durham College and UOIT have played a massive role in the redevelopment of North Oshawa and the Downtown. New houses and apartments were being built and the purchase of Downtown buildings that before, were left to rot. DC/UOIT is important to the Durham Region and with that being said, reliable transportation is needed.


At the beginning of each school year, full time students at DC/UOIT are given a U-Pass. It is a bus pass that works for the whole school year (September - May). It works on all Durham Regional Transit (DRT) Buses and on select GO Transit buses (Bus 71 in Uxbridge, Bus 81 Beaverton/Port Perry/Whitby, & Bus 90 Newcastle to Downtown Oshawa). The U-Pass is on the student ID card and is displayed as a little sticker with an expiration date.

If a student were to lose their ID/U-Pass card, it would cost $10 the first time lost, $15 dollars if the second time lost, $20 if lost the third time, and after the fourth time lost, you would need seek approval from the Office of Campus Safety director for a new card.

Loop Description

The bus loop at Durham College is located right in front of the Gordon Willey Building (which houses most of the Durham College classes). Unlike the loop at York University there is no real indoor waiting area for the buses nor a next bus arrival screen.

However, for GO Transit buses there is a small indoor shelter on the south side of the loop. Despite it having a heater (which as of April, 2017 is still broken) it has a ticket vending machine for GO Transit tickets.

If one wishes to fill up their presto card or not want to use the machine, they could go to the Tuck Shop which provides all information and fares on GO/DRT services. The store is located in the Student Service Centre which also has E.P Taylors. A restaurant which just like the Tuck Shop is operated by the campus Student Association. However, the down side to the Tuck Shop is that it is only open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Most DRT buses layover near the south residence before the afternoon rush, while GO Transit buses usually park near the Student Services Building.

Transit Connections

Durham Regional Transit (DRT) and GO Transit operate out of the loop. (As of April, 2017)

Durham Regional Transit (As of April, 2017)

401 Simcoe
401B Simcoe
401C Simcoe


401: Lakeview Park
401B: Downtown Oshawa
401C: Oshawa GO

416 Kedron


Harmony Terminal

910 Campus Connect


910: Whitby GO Via. Oshawa Centre & Whitby Campus

915 Taunton


Ajax GO

417 Colin


Harmony Terminal Via. Britannia Ave.

310 Winchester



950 Simcoe North

Uxbridge Via. Port Perry


GO Transit (As of April, 2017)

52 407 East

Oshawa GO Bus Terminal

York University Via. Brooklin, Brock Park & Ride, Unionville GO, & Richmond Hill Centre.

93 Scarborough Express


Scarborough Town Centre


The loop may be busy now but in a couple of years it will be an even larger transit terminal. Oshawa has long term plans to build an LRT system along Simcoe Street. This line, along with a possible 407 Transitway extension from the west, would make long commutes a thing of the past. In the meantime, some students believe a BRT similar to the Pulse should be implemented on Simcoe Street until a LRT is put into place. The loop is an important part to campus life and will be for a long time.

Durham College/UOIT Loop Image Archive


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