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Other Y2K Diversions

505 on Ossington

Text by James Bow, pictures by Rob Hutch, except where noted.

Although Queen Street saw the bulk of track reconstruction through the year 2000, the TTC also had its hands full throughout the system, as money was spent to keep Toronto's trackwork in a state of good repair. This meant bus substitutions, diversions, and a host of other interesting photo opportunities. And it wasn't just track construction that could send streetcars off the beaten path. Parades and similar events also play havoc with the TTC's schedules. In this page, Rob Hutch sends a collection of photographs showing non-Queen streetcars knocked off the beaten path.

505 at Darcy and McCaul

CLRV 4063 trundles down McCaul Street towards Dundas on a Saturday of service disruptions.

505 at Dundas and McCaul

The same 505 Dundas streetcar prepares to turn onto Dundas from McCaul.

505 on Ossington

Ossington is often used to divert Dundas cars when a parade or some other event is blocking tracks on Dundas between Ossington and Lansdowne. Rob catches one in the early morning from the park near Churchill Street.

CLRV 4076 in on Victoria Street

On the Sunday before Labour Day 2000, streetcars on Dundas had to be short turned and rerouted. Here you see CLRV 4076 running north on Victoria Street towards Dundas Square. Photo by James Bow.

506 on Bathurst

Here is a 506 Carlton car turning from northbound Bathurst onto eastbound College.

506 on Dundas

During the same diversion, 506 cars could be seen on Dundas. Here's one running westbound.

503 on Parliament

Due to work on the Queen Street bridge over the Don River, CLRV 4120 is about to divert off of King onto Parliament. Parliament loop is in the background.

503 on Parliament

On the return trip, CLRV 4120 is about to turn from westbound Dundas onto southbound Parliament.

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