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A Man and His Streetcars

by James Bow

In April 2014, we were approached by a reader named Lynda, who had discovered some old photographs of her father. Her father had been a streetcar driver for the TTC for years, and the photographs showed him in uniform, and posing next to some of the cars he drove.

In her words, “(His name was) William Smith — badge 1245. They always called him Willy. We think it would be around 1941-42 he started and 1969-70 when he retired, but he had 28 years service. He got a bronze certificate for safety for outstanding achievement in working without a disabling injury for 250,000 consecutive man hours. He also was accident free for all that time. Our father worked for all those years with perfect attendance except for the funerals of his parents…

“…My dad worked with the the TTC driving the streetcar from the Wychwood Barns off of St. Clair Avenue. Would you be interested a copy of these pictures? There aren’t that many. I have always wanted to send them to the archives, but I did not know where. He loved the TTC.”

Thanks to Lynda for sending these photographs to us. We are happy to oblige.

A Man and His Streetcars Image Archive

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