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Back in the Saddle Again! - The October 30, 1999 PCC Charter

Photos and Text by: James Bow

After an August charter had to make do with an ALRV instead of a PCC, there was a lot of concern over the state of the two remaining Toronto PCC cars. At one point, a report recommended that the TTC donate these two 'heritage' streetcars to a railway museum. Railfans concerned about losing PCCs altogether on Toronto's streets pressed the commission to reconsider their decision. Finally, in a meeting attended by a number of railfans, including members of the Toronto Transportation Society, the commissioners rejected the report and directed that the vehicles returned to good condition.

On October 30, 1999, the Toronto Transportation Society organized the first PCC charter following this meeting. It represented a triumphant return for two venerable vehicles and, hopefully, yet another in a long run of PCC charters in Toronto.

Back in the Saddle Image Archive

I would like to thank Ray Neilsen and the Toronto Transportation Society for organizing this charter. The really big thanks must go, however, to the numerous concerned individuals who spoke out to keep the PCCs operating. Everyone who attends these charters from now on, owe these individuals a considerable debt.

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