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Witt-Trailer and PCC Doubleheader Charter (May 30, 1953)

Photos by Richard Glaze

In 1953, young Richard Glaze (21) was living in Ohio, but already a budding rail and transit fan. Based on his collection, he enjoyed a trip to Toronto on the weekend of May 30-June 1, 1953. The object of his trip was a major streetcar charter that brought out not one, but two streetcars for attendees. Large Peter Witt car #2528, pulling trailer #2909 was called up, along with A7-class all-electric PCC #4470. Judging from the slides (here and still to be scanned in), the tour took in much of the city, which still had most of its streetcar network available ahead of the launch of the YONGE subway. The tour also offered impressive access to behind the scenes to a number of TTC operations, including visits to Eglinton garage and Hillcrest shops, along with pass-throughs of St. Clair and Russell Carhouses.

Witt Trailer and PCC Doubleheader Tour Image Archive

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