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Lower Bay's Doors Open

Text and Pictures by Raymond Lee

Saturday, May 26, 2007, was a day that everyone was waiting for, especially TTC railfans outside Bay station.

This year the TTC hosted it’s first ever Doors Open Toronto event. The event was held at two locations. The first was Hillcrest Yards, and the second was the “Infamous” Lower Bay station. The “Infamous” Lower Bay was by far the most popular, with a 40 Minute wait time that required crowds to stretch outside the Cumberland Centre.

This was not my first visit to Lower Bay. From February 24 to March 11 2007 on weekends, Bloor Danforth trains were rerouted through Lower Bay station due to tunnel reconstruction between St George and Bay stations. Although they couldn’t stop at the station, this diversion offered TTC riders a glimpse into history.

When I first went in to the Lower Bay station, I was treated with a whole bunch of New York City subway maps and signage used in the filming of Don’t Say a Word, all neatly hung up on the pillars. There was also a projection TV at the Cumberland Avenue exit showing selections of the various movies that were filmed on the TTC subway.

There were two H5 trains parked there, one on each platform, to prevent people from falling onto the tracks. Also, there were posters for the movies that were filmed on the TTC subway system.

Below are the pictures of Lower Bay Station during Doors Open Toronto.


Advance subway notice circa 1966


Film crew warning poster (back)


Film crew warning poster (front)


Information poster part 1 of 2


Information poster part 2 of 2


Lower Bay brochure (Back)


Lower Bay brochure (front)


Lower Bay brochure (inside)


Lower Bay eastbound platform


Lower Bay eastbound platform west end


Lower Bay westbound platform


Posters of some of the movies that have used Lower Bay as a set


MTA New York city transit sign.


New York City subway map


NYC Subway directional signs and a TTC out of order sign


TTC Lower Bay Doors open Toronto Pass

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